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Terms Of Use User Agreement

In order to use this site you must agree to the following:

  • Ad must include a website address.
  • Your are encouraged to place images that pertain to your services or products (no cost)
  • Non-functional websites or websites that are infected will be deleted.
  • Use of links is not allowed and will be deleted.
  • Employment ads must have a functional website and must not ask for fees to get information
  • 1. Not to use this site for any fraudulent or illegal purpose.
  • 2. Pay applicable fees for running your ad. This does not apply during trial periods when placing an ad is free. Memberships are available and are renewed monthly. You may cancel at anytime for any reason with a written notice faxed to 1-513-896-7989
  • 3. Register under your true name using a valid email address.
  • 4. Refrain from sending unsolicited emails to users of this site. This can result in the immediate termination of your account.
  • 5. Not to compile a list of email addresses of users of this site for the purpose of solicitation (see item 4 on sending unsolicited emails).
  • 6. Refrain from listing any adult (i.e. X-rated) materials containing hard-core pornography. , This type of material will not be allowed
  • 7. Hold the owners of this site harmless from all claims arising out of any dispute between a buyer, seller or any other user of this site. We serve as an agent to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers. In no way may users hold the owners of this site liable for improper use.
  • 8.Job Placement / Employment Ads:All employment ads will be reviewed for content.
    • Ads must include a working:, virus free website address, a contact phone number, and a matching url email address.(If your company website address is than you must have a matching email address such as
    • Ads that require applicants to pay money for access, or that link to another advertising site will be rejected.
  • 9.Resume placement and viewing is free of charge.When placing your resumes you cannot charge for viewing the resume, or refer to a site that charges for viewing or placement of resumes.
  • 10. Ad Termination: That TodaysSmallBiz / Todays Small Biz can terminate any ad for any reason without notification. -